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Now Kim Kardashian Wants Her New Home To Look Like The Hall Of Mirrors At Versailles... As New Pictures Reveal Mansion Is In Ruins

Great Expectations: Kim Kardashian is said to want her new home to be filled with mirrors, with inspiration taken from the Palace Of Versailles 'The hunt is on to find antique mirrors,' a source told Radar. 'Kanyes decorators are scouring archives in antique shops all over the world, Kim Kardashian sex focusing on the Venice, Italy area, which is renowned for mirrors.' Long way to go: The swimming pool and spa at the couple's home is full of rubble No expense spared: The $11m mansion has been completely gutted by KimYe, who have all but rebuilt it The new plan is just the latest change for the mansion, which Kanye is transforming into a dream home for him and his young family. Baby North will be raised in luxury surroundings which reflect her father's wild imagination. But the grand vision is not without cost - despite purchasing the house a year ago for $11million, it is still not fit for habitation. Amazing location: But the couple have a grand vision for their home Not ready: a year after they bought the home, inside shots show it remains barely touched New pictures show the swimming pool filled with rubble, planks of wood littering the yard, and a half-tiled roof. Having completely gutted the interior, the pair are still living with Kim's mother Kris Jenner while they await its completeion.
Source: Now Kim Kardashian wants her new home to look like the Hall Of Mirrors at Versailles... as new pictures reveal mansion is in ruins

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